Friday, January 23, 2015

What we've been doing

We've had some nice weather lately, so we decided to play outside with bubbles. James loves to blow them and then chase after them and try to catch them again on his wand. Rett just likes watching them go by:

Rett has recently decided that he can climb up the steps of this slide, get to the top, sit down and slide down all by himself! He has so much fun, but I keep thinking he will lose his balance at the top, so I hover over him the entire time just in case :)

A friend of ours had some leftover treats she made for a party, so she gave us a little bag of them at church. James agreed to wait until we got home to dig into them and after waiting for so long, he insisted that he have "one for each hand". He looooved that marshmallow. The wafer cookie he only had a few bites of and then gave back to me.

I got this cool frame awhile back (either a baby shower or Christmas gift, I can't remember), and I finally put all the pictures in it so I could hang it in Rett's room. It is so fun to see all of his monthly pictures side by side and see the progression from tiny baby to cute toddler. The entire time I was printing the pictures and putting them in the correct spots, I would glance down at them and start grinning. This boy is just so adorable!

The boys' new favorite game is "spin around until we get dizzy and fall down". James started doing it, Rett copied him and now Rett does it every chance he gets. Last night we all sat around watching Rett make himself dizzy and fall over for at least 15 minutes! My mom got a video of them doing it one night:

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Happy said...

Oh those cute little boys!!! I love the year photos of Rett, good job!! You would think someone who is into photography would be good about doing this kind of thing, but I never did it. I'm so jealous of how warm your backyard looks!!