Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Anthony!!

Last Thursday was Anthony's 35th birthday! The night before Anthony was in the kitchen and said something like,  "We don't have anything planned for tomorrow do we?...." I distractedly said, "No, nothing special". Anthony repeated himself and I was confused for awhile until my mom whispered to me that it was his birthday tomorrow. With the new baby, his birthday completely slipped my mind! The next morning I helped James make a card and some cookies for Anthony and we colored on the front walkway with sidewalk chalk.
Then we all piled in the car, baby and all, and headed to the grocery store to buy Anthony's cookie cake (his absolute favorite aside from Carvel ice cream cake). After Anthony got home from work, his parents met us at the house and we all went out for Mexican food. I was a little nervous about how Everett would do with all of these outings, but he was wonderful! The best part of the meal was the staff singing happy birthday at the end, complete with sombreros for everyone :)
Happy Birthday Anthony, we are so glad you were born!!

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Happy said...

Sounds fun, wish we were there! Funny about him asking if you had any plans that day and you saying no, haha!! Once I called my mom on her birthday to ask her something and totally forgot it was her birthday and she asked me a few times, "So is there anything you want to tell me?" and I was like, "noooo...." until it finally hit me!