Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Anthony's New Boat 2.0

Ever since Anthony got his new boat, he knew that he wanted to make some modifications to it. He wanted to add a poling platform to the back and change the steering to a steering wheel. The place that made his boat is only a few hours away, so almost immediately after purchasing it, he called them to see when they could work on it. They had a long waiting list and he wasn't able to get it in the shop until a few months ago. It took awhile for them to order all the parts Anthony wanted and to finish the work but it was finally ready to pick up last Saturday. Luckily, Anthony happened to have off of work that day! He was so excited to drive down there and pick up the new and improved boat.

The new steering wheel and platform next to the motor:
Anthony trying out the poling platform after bringing it home:
He took it out for a spin that afternoon and everything ran great. Now he just needs to find time to actually go fishing!

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Happy said...

Very cool , I bet he's so excited! I'll have to show this to Jared.