Thursday, September 5, 2013

New ultrasound pictures

We had our midwife appointment yesterday and it went great! The ultrasound was so cool! Everything looks perfect and they confirmed he definitely is a boy :) The sonographer tried to get a good close up of his face for us, but he refused to move his hand away from his lips. We tried nudging him and pushing him to see if he would adjust himself but it didn't work. I guess he was comfy and wasn't interested in moving! The pictures we did get are still really cute though:
The midwife checked me since I had contractions last week and said that I haven't dilated at all and I'm about 50% effaced. So it looks like he is going to be staying put for a little while longer, which is okay with me! When she measured me she said that I am measuring on the small side, so she thinks he isn't going to be a very big baby. That is always good news to a pregnant lady! 

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Happy said...

Such cool pictures!! Did you know they were going to take do the 3D/4D ultrasound? Do you like how we ask each other questions on our blogs when we can't respond? Haha! I was just thinking of you today and wondering about those contractions and if that baby was staying put or not.