Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Family Trip to the Zoo

Since Anthony had the day off yesterday, we weren't sure what we wanted to do for Labor Day. Sunday on the way home from church, James started excitedly shouting, "We going to the zoo!!". Anthony and I looked at each other and I said that it was actually a good idea for something to do the next day. Our passes expire at the end of the month and I wanted to go at least one more time before the baby comes. We planned to get there as soon as they opened so that we could attempt to beat the heat. It was still hotter than anything!

James didn't seem to mind the heat, he was so excited that Anthony's parents and our niece and nephew were able to meet us there! James had a great time following Dallas around and they were so sweet with him, holding his hand on the stairs and showing him things. Dallas would even lift James up so that he could see over the hand rails:
Our first stop was to the giraffes. They are my favorite!! There were two baby giraffes running and chasing each other around the enclosure. I don't think I have ever seen a giraffe run before, and it was really cool looking. While we were waiting to feed the giraffes, one of the volunteers told us that mother giraffes carry their babies for 14 months!! The mother giraffe at the zoo has had 5 babies so far. I have a serious amount of respect for giraffes now :)
Here are James and Anthony feeding the giraffe:
The zoo was having a cold-blooded weekend that featured the reptiles so they had extra activities planned. We got to watch them feed the alligators frozen discs of food. It was crazy to watch them crunch right through the blocks of ice with their jaws!!
Watching the alligators:
We also got to see the baby Jaguar, although he doesn't really look like a baby anymore. Maybe more like an adolescent.

 James wasn't too interested in the jaguar, he mostly just wanted bites of Anthony's dippin dots. I think it is so funny that he cries and refuses to eat regular ice cream, but he liked the dots ice cream. I think it is because it is not as messy. He is so particular! On the one hand it can be frustrating, but on the other hand I totally get it because I am the same way :)
The heat was really getting to me, so we made our way to the kids area. While we waited for everyone to look at the aquarium and touch tank, my mom and I took a break in the shade.
Finally we got into the air conditioned kids discovery area. Sweet relief! James and his cousins loved playing in the large sand area, digging for fossils. We had a sand throwing problem at one point that required a time out, but other than that James loved it :)
 Nevada decided to bury herself in the sand :)
It was such a great way to spend our holiday, we decided that we definitely have to plan family days at the zoo more often. James loved having Anthony come with us, since usually it is just me and him. When James got up in the morning, he didn't even think to look for Anthony. He played with me and my mom for awhile before he came into the living room. When he saw Anthony he got excited and ran up to him and said, "You're here!!" It was so sweet! It made me really glad that we decided to spend the day together instead of Anthony going fishing (which he considered doing). Now that Anthony gets off of work at noon on Saturdays, hopefully we will be able to schedule more family activities like that :)

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Happy said...

Sounds fun! You guys are so nice to do so much with my parents. Wish we were there. :( We need to go to the zoo, it's just so dang expensive with a pass! And since I wouldn't want to go while it's freezing here (did you know people actually do go during the winter up here??!), it wouldn't really be a YEAR pass for us...