Sunday, September 1, 2013

Family Home Evening

This post is mainly just for me and for journaling purposes. We have a hard time doing family home evening in our house. James hates sitting still, and I never know what lessons or activities to do that will be spiritual but fun for him. Anthony also works until 10:30pm on Mondays so we try to have FHE on Sundays. However, after church and the craziness of primary we are usually so tired Sunday nights that we don't have the motivation for it. I started a binder with laminated magnets of scripture stories, so we usually just pull out one of those and go through the story really quickly for our lesson.

Last Sunday I realized that we probably hadn't had FHE in at least two months. So I sat us down to do it right before bath time. I didn't realize it, but my mom was videoing it! I wanted to be able to look back at it to remember, so here it is :)
For song we have a primary song app on the Ipad that sings the songs with pictures and words. We always let James choose the song and he usually picks the one with birds on it, or the star song :)

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Happy said...

Love this, that will be a fun memory. Thanks for the tip on the primary songs app, just looked it up and thinking about buying it now.