Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ward Christmas Party 2012

 This past Saturday was our ward Christmas party and it was so much fun! Last year there was a "whoville" theme and we all wore costumes, but this year it was much more low key, just the way I like it! It was just a bunch of people eating good food, visiting, and a visit from Santa at the end. James has been pretty cranky the last few days and we haven't been able to figure out why, so we weren't sure how the visit with Santa was going to go...

 We gave it our best try! I took James up to wait for Santa's entrance and Anthony got a picture of everyone swarming him once he came in:
 He made his way across the room to the chair by the Christmas tree in the foyer:
 Of course, the line to see Santa was really long, at least for a cranky almost 2 year old. At one point I had Anthony hold our spot in line and took him for a walk around the church.
Waiting in line and trying to get the camera adjusted:
 When it was finally our turn, James instantly didn't like the idea of being passed to Santa, so Santa told Anthony to go ahead and sit on his lap holding James. It was a great idea, but it didn't fool James for a second!
 I was standing there laughing and taking pictures when Santa looked over at me and told me I might as well get in on the picture! So I sat on his other knee and couldn't stop grinning, James' reaction was too funny!
"All I want for Christmas...is to get away from Santa!!!" Sincerely, James
A lady in our ward was taking pictures from the front, so I will have to update this post with the straight on picture once she puts them up. I just can't get over how desperate James is in this picture! I was debating whether or not to take him to a mall Santa this year, wondering if he would miss out if I didn't but I guess I have my answer! No Santa for James, at least not for awhile! :)

*Update-here are more pictures*

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