Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pow-pow-power wheels!

When I was little if you had a power wheels you were the (wo)man!!! Since James is obsessed with all things transportation, I started keeping my eyes out at garage sales for an affordable power wheels. I didn't think I would really get him one, since I didn't want to pay too much. Plus, it still seems like such a HUGE gift like it was when I was little, although it seems like now the prices aren't that bad compared to the costs of other popular gifts. So I wasn't really planning on getting him one, but then I came across a barely used one at a garage sale a few months ago. It was priced at $50, which I knew was reasonable especially considering how new it looked. You could tell it hadn't been ridden much. The owners said they got it for their daughter and she went through a growth spurt and grew out of it almost immediately. I offered them $40, they took it and it was mine!

The only problem was that it looked like this (minus the blonde little girl:):

 Not that James would care of course, but we just couldn't feel good about ourselves as parents if we let his friends see him loving on a barbie power wheels. The embarrassment! :) So we did some googling to figure out the best way to go about painting it and we finally took an afternoon and got it done. I love how it turned out!

His new manly ride:

We are considering adding a few more details, like some bike reflectors for headlights and brake lights and maybe some decals but we might not. It depends on how stressed I feel as we get closer to Christmas :) We spent almost as much on paint as we did on the car, but I love that my little boy is getting something we really put some effort into. I can't wait for Christmas morning for him to start cruising around!!!

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