Friday, December 14, 2012

A Pirate Christmas party

Last Saturday we went to a Christmas party being put on by one of the local doctors offices for different medical providers and we had a blast! It was at a local campground/tourist spot/farm...I'm not really sure how to describe it. You could go out on kayaks and canoes and they had river boat tours that I think you pay for on a normal day but Saturday it was all part of the party.
On the property there is also a life size replica of snow white's house from the Disney movie built by close personal friends of Walt Disney. You could see it from the boat and it looked neat, but the boat captain said that you have to contact a local museum to set up a tour...sounds like a little too much work for me.

 As soon as we got there, we headed over to the pirate cruise! 
They had actors narrating everything and putting on a show as they took us up and down the creek. My mom snapped a picture of us waiting to get started. James doesn't look happy, but he really liked it!
Here they are explaining our job as their "crew":
They had play chains, swords, and hooks for everyone to pick up and depending on what you got, that ended up being your "job" on the boat. So if you had a sword you were a soldier who protected everyone from other pirates, if you had chains you were jailers for unruly passengers, and if you had hooks you would take over for the captain should something terrible happen to him.
The captain gave us a demonstration on how to lasso a cow for our dinner, and once we were on the boat he also gave us a knot tying demonstration:
There's a happy face!
James checking everyone out:
They had games like hula hoops and ring tosses set out for the kids. Anthony tried to show James how to hula hoop:

Of course, he just wanted to run around, so we spent a lot of time retrieving him from all over the place:
There were tons of wild peacocks running around:

The tractor ride back to the parking lot. A very fun swampy Christmas party!

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