Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Day at the Park

Last Friday afternoon after Anthony went off to work (he has been taking the Friday evening hours for a coworker) I took James to the park. We were the only ones there and James had a blast being the king of the playground!

He went right up to this rock wall and climbed it like a pro, without help!

 Then he proceeded to go along the high walkway, occasionally looking down at me:
Once he reached the tall twisty slide, he promptly sat down, turned himself backwards and went down on his stomach: his go-to move for slides :)

 He loves picking up random sticks and using them as drumsticks/weapons the entire time. We are working on the weapons part.

 Once he was done with his drum solo, he put the stick down so he could clap for himself and go "Yayy!!" He does this at the end of every song he hears, even in church!
 Peeking out at me from the tunnels:

 Now he has two sticks, watch out! :)

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Happy said...

He is so cute! Love that he claps for himself, and after any song! That must be hilarious in sacrament!