Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tender Moments

This evening was wonderful. Anthony had just left to go fishing with a guy from church, so James and I were alone playing in the living room. I was on the floor with him and James kept looking at me and laughing, like I was the funniest thing he had ever seen! I grabbed him and started "gobbling" him up and he just giggled and giggled and giggled!! He kept putting his hands on my face and laughing, coming closer and closer, like he just couldn't get close enough to me. Later, after his bath, we were sitting the rocking chair and I was reading him scripture stories. He was just sitting on my lap and watching, hugging his blanket and resting his head on my chest and his body into the crook of my arm. Once the story was finished, I just sat there awhile and rocked. I looked down after a minute and his eyes were closed and he had drifted off to sleep, snuggled against me. I rested my head on his head and sat there for another 10 minutes, drinking it in. This must be what heaven feels like. Amazing.


sarajo said...

That is something special! I love those moments!

Thanks for sharing that special moment!

Happy said...

SO sweet!!! Isn't being a mother amazing?? Even 5 years later, I am still blown away by how much I love my kids!!! It's something you just can't really imagine or dream up beforehand! Good idea to write down such a sweet little moment!