Thursday, September 15, 2011

James' new trick

We got this from my mom: every time James would start his "singing" we would tap his mouth to make a wavy sound. It sounded so funny, we couldn't stop doing it! We realized the other day that if we put our hand to his mouth like we are going to tap on it, he immediately starts making noise. Today he would even pull our hand to his mouth so we could do it. Now we can't wait to show everyone his new trick! :)


sarajo said...

Oh, that is so cute!

I love this age! It's my favorite age so far. Enjoy it!!

Phambabe said...

Does she crack the egg on his head yet?? I remember her doing that to us and Savino loved it too! I think I might have a video somewhere of her doing this (the tapping thing) to Savino! And how exactly is it possible that your baby is so big already??? It's happening too fast!

Phambabe said...

I think I have a video of her doing this with Savino somewhere too!! Does she crack crack crack the egg allll over his face too? I remember her doing that to you guys when you were little!!