Friday, March 4, 2011

Moving On

We've been so caught up in having our little guy, that I haven't updated our blog about Anthony's job search! To sum up: Anthony took his boards exactly one week after James was born (4 days after we came home from the hospital!) and passed!!! Since he passed, he could start sending out his resumes and applying for jobs. He was looking mostly on the east coast of Florida, around the area where he grew up and got an interview with a private practice in New Smyrna Beach. The day after the interview he was offered the position and he accepted it!

So, we are moving to New Smyrna Beach on the 12th of this month so that he can start work on the 20th. He is really excited about where he will be working, he really likes the doctors he will be working with and the atmosphere is exactly what he wants it to be. There were a few other options that had better benefits, but Anthony wasn't nearly as happy about working there so we decided to follow his gut and go with a place where he would be excited and happy to go to work every day.

We looked up rental houses in the area and signed a lease on a newer 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house. We are so excited to finally have a fenced in back yard for the dogs. Since we still have a mortgage on our condo in Gainesville, we don't plan on buying a house for awhile. Got to start paying back those student loans!

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T. Driaza said...

How exciting! I tell you what, babies sure do bring blessings! Don't they? Congratulations Anthony & all the best to your families' new adventure! Can't wait to hear all about it.