Saturday, March 26, 2011

Garage Sales and First Explosion...

Today we got up early (or Anthony got up early, I was already up with the boy) to go to a community garage sale of a friend of ours. It was pretty cold in the morning, so we bundled James up in a hoody and pants. He looked ready to go out and hit the town!

Of course, by the time we got there it had warmed up enough that he didn't really need his jacket. I still get to wash it though, because he spit up all over it as soon as we got it on him and all during the car ride. I swear that kid is nauseated by the smell of clean clothes!

Once the garage sale was over, we got to sit and visit with our friend Summer that we knew from Gainesville. Her husband used to be Anthony's roommate back when we all were dating and we had a lot of catching up to do. We were just sitting and chatting, when I smelled like someone needed a diaper change...I lifted him up off of my lap and there was poo everywhere!!! It was all over my leg, him, his clothes, even a little made it to the chair I was sitting on. How did he do that?? I didn't even know how to begin cleaning him up. It seemed like once I cleaned one part of him, another part would get poo on it and around and around we went. Of course he had to do this away from home and and away from the laundry room, clean clothes, his bathtub, anything that would have been helpful really. Thank goodness Summer took it all in stride!! I usually keep a clean onesie in the diaper bag for occasions such as this, but I happened to have taken it out for some reason. Luckily, we scored a gators onesie while garage saleing and although it was WAY too big and I would have preferred to wash it first, desperate times call for desperate measures. Looking back, I wish we had gotten a picture of the damage, it really was epic :)

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Happy said...

Those pictures are just too cute!! And the blowout story is so funny! Isn't it amazing how they do that?! It's like Houdini poop! A few weeks ago 2 of my friends and I were all leaving Teya's dance class with our kids and we noticed some poop lying on the ground!! We checked all of our babies and couldn't figure out who the heck had dropped it! Finally one of my friends figured out it was from her son (he's 18 months)- somehow it had slipped right out of his diaper while he was walking around!