Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Animal Reunion

We finally have all of our pets back home with us at the new place. The dogs have been staying with my mom since right before James was born since they are such high maintenance dogs. They seriously want attention/need something all of the time!! Especially since we were in an apartment and had to physically walk them every time they needed to go to the bathroom, it just wasn't feasible with a newborn at least not for me :)
Our cat loved having the dogs gone!! She had a completely different personality, much more relaxed and friendly. She moved with us to the new place and she has discovered that she likes hanging out on the top of our closet doors. It is so strange to walk into a room and have the cat staring down at you!

The dogs came home Sunday night and we are adjusting to having them and the baby. I got used to having things on the floor and letting James hang out on his mat, but now I have to make sure the dogs bombard him! Yesterday we found Bitsy enjoying some sun from the front door. So cute!

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