Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Callings

Anthony and I both have new callings in our ward! A little over a month ago I was called to be a primary teacher for the 5 year olds so I have been learning and experiencing primary for the first time (as an adult that is). It has been a wonderful experience so far, but definitely an adjustment. I am loving all of the wonderful things the children say and do and I feel good learning how to teach and nurture the children. It helps me feel that much more excited and confident for when Ant and I have our own children to teach! However, it is a little disappointing to not be able to go to Sunday School or Relief Society anymore. I've had to make an extra effort to read the lessons on my own time and I've been reminding Anthony to make sure to give me a good report of what I missed after we get home from church.

Then, a couple of weeks ago Anthony got released from his calling in the Young Men's and was called to be a primary teacher too! So I had to let him off the hook as my Sunday School insider and we are holding our own little Sunday School at home after church :) He is going to be teaching the next class up from me, the 6 & 7 year olds. He was so intimidated! He has never had to teach young children before and I think he felt really out of his element. I keep telling him that he is going to be great! He is just one big kid himself, so I know he will find a way to relate to his class.

At the same time, Anthony and I were called to be den leaders for the cub scouts in our ward. This was definitely unexpected for me! I kept thinking back to when my mom was a den leader, and I guess I always pictured that as a "mom" calling because they know so much more about what they are doing. Still, I am really excited to get to do this together with Anthony and learn something completely new. Our first cub scout meeting that we got to observe was a court of honor, and let me tell you it was a culture shock! There are so many different terms, ceremonies, songs, that seem so foreign as an outsider that it was almost funny to me how much I didn't understand. Not to worry, I am sure I will be an insider in no time :)

Work is going great for me, same old same old. Anthony is suffering through his women's health rotation :( He says that he doesn't mind doing baby stuff and he thinks that it is neat when he gets to measure a pregnant belly to confirm how many weeks along the mother is, or feel limbs and the baby's position from the outside, but he really doesn't like and feels uncomfortable doing...other stuff. The good news is that Anthony has the option of doing half of this semester at another location if he isn't interested in women's health as a specialty (can you guess who signed up for that ASAP?). He is going to be doing the other half of his rotation at an urgent care clinic and he is so excited! He is going to try to get evening hours when doctor's offices are closed so that he can see the most interesting of cases. The gorier, the better for Anthony!

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Happy said...

Loving the updates! The callings sound great! I taught in the primary so many times and learned a ton about working with kids from it! Each class was so different! I wish I could watch Anthony teach! Those kids are going to love him, he shouldn't be worried one bit! I can't wait to tell Jared.
And that is SO GREAT that he doesn't have to do women's health the whole time!!! How weird that they picked that as a rotation for a whole semester for the students.
Keep the updates coming!