Friday, June 4, 2010

Ahh, my back!

For the past few days I have been experiencing what it is like to have a bad/strained back and I never appreciated how not-fun that is. I never realized just how much I use my lower back until this week, which is ALL the time. (In case you didn't know, like I didn't). So, I have become a pretty lazy person this past week. No working out, really no activity that requires moving more than sitting and lying down unless it was something I HAD to do (like my calling, work stuff, etc...). Not being able to work out is also making me a little crazy. I swear that my jeans are tighter and my legs are flabbier. Unfortunately I can't think of really good cardio exercise I could do lying down in bed while reading a book and having Anthony bring me food. (Because that is all that I have wanted to do all week).

You would think that I pulled something lifting weights or doing something that made sense when it comes to back pain, but I have literally done nothing to cause this! All weekend I didn't feel well with headaches and side effects from my medication so I just vegged out, watching movies and cross-stitching. On Tuesday morning when I got up to get ready for work, my lower back hurt like the dickens and I assumed that it would just go away. Here we are on Friday and it still hurts! The only thing I can think of that I did was Monday night at 3am our car alarm went off and I jumped out of bed from a deep sleep to find our clicker and turn it off. (No burglars, just an evil, hateful alarm that doesn't like human beings to get a good night's sleep).

This morning it was so much worse, that I ended up getting pointers on lower back stretches from a friend at work. We were quite a sight, side by side on the office floor doing different positions and stretches to try to find a way to convince my muscles to let go. Now I am trying to get up and do some stretches every hour and it feels like things are getting better. Hopefully I will be 100% soon!

Cub scouts has been going well. We had our first den meeting on Wednesday and Anthony and I attended our first round table last night. The previous den leader said that one of the cubs was so upset when he found out she was leaving that he wanted to quit scouts! But, after Wednesday he told her never mind, because we were "fun" :) You can't get a better stamp of approval than that!

I bought my leader uniform on Tuesday night and they were having a sale on skirts for women leaders since they are being discontinued. I tried it on without the shirt and it seemed fine, so I bought it. When I got home and put it on all together, I looked hideous! I showed Anthony and he did a double take and then started to laugh! His theory is that the boy scouts were trying to make the women leaders look as hideous as possible to minimize any cub-crushes. A few days later I went and bought some olive-colored pants to replace the skirt, again shopping without the uniform shirt. I was so pleased with myself and sure that I had fixed the problem. I got home, put the pants on and showed off to Anthony just how cute they were. After putting on the uniform shirt: BAM, instant hideousness. Anthony couldn't help laughing at how much I hate that shirt. It has a supernatural ability to make me and anything else I wear with it look seriously ugly. Not cool!

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