Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring is in the air

Spring is in full swing here in Tampa! It has been so wonderful to enjoy the beautiful weather and to watch all of the new life popping up everywhere:

First, garden pictures Week... 4(?). I think it has been about a month. My garden is doing great!! I am having a little bit of a problem with bugs chewing on some of my leaves and one plant has totally given up the ghost, but one out of the large number of things I have planted is a pretty good mortality rate! Here you can see my garden expansion. I've added a tomato plant, 4 squash pots, and 4 pots of spinach. I am also trying to get a sweet potato to sprout so I can plant parts of it. So far it isn't working too well :) But, the new seeds are doing well and should be breaking through the surface soon (I had to dig in and investigate a little bit). I am trying not to smother my garden with attention but sometimes I can't resist digging some things up just to see how they are developing!

Second: I try to take walks around the campus during my lunch hour and for the past few weeks I've been keeping track of new ducklings in several of the campus ponds! They are so cute!!!! One day we walked out to see two mama ducks with 19 baby ducks waddling around them! I couldn't figure out how the duck population could stay at a manageable number with so many babies every year, but I was unfamiliar with how many predators there are for those baby ducks.... While we were watching them a seagull swooped down and tried to carry off one of the babies! We threw sticks and yelled at the bird, but it didn't seem to care. The next day we went to check out the babies and there were only five left. The next day, only two. Anthony told me that lots of things eat the baby ducks (turtles, fish, other birds, etc...) I could of died happy thinking that all of those baby ducks went to visit an aunt and uncle duck in a pond on a farm far away and that is why they mysteriously disappeared.

On a more positive note, the other day I got to watch a pair of doves meticulously pick and choose the perfect sticks for building their nest. Now everyday that I walk by I see the mother dove sitting on the nest and I am looking forward to hearing her little baby birds chirping once they hatch!

Third: Yesterday we had an interesting spring-reproduction moment in our house! Anthony's anemone that he has in the little tank for the baby clowns did its own form of reproduction by splitting itself in half! It was really cool and, to be honest, kind of gross to watch. We could see everything since it was stuck on the glass wall of the aquarium. Anthony kept rushing around like an excited father, and he couldn't believe his luck that he was going to end up with TWO anemones. Apparently it is rare for an anemone to do this, much less for us to get to see it. Then, after the excitement died down a bit, Anthony looked over and the anemone was splitting AGAIN! In one day we got to see the anemone go from one big anemone to three smaller ones. Here are the pictures of the process: This is the view of the anemone from the bottom. You can see it is stretching it's stump out in different directions.Split #2 Three anemones!

Anthony wanted me to emphasize how rare it is to see this. Usually the anemone splits at night when the lights are off and no one is around. Plus, if they do split, the usually are somewhere in the tank, on a rock or in the sand, not pressed up against the glass so we can see everything. Isn't that neat?

In other exciting news, I have a new calling! I'm a bit bummed about being released from Young Women's. I felt like I was just getting the hang of everything and getting to know the girls, and getting released was a bit surprising since I just got called in August... But, on the bright side my new calling is to be a teacher in Primary! This is yet another first for me. I haven't ever served in the primary before so I am excited for a new challenge. I have already started picking my mom's brain about how to manage energetic 5 year olds (she has had a lot of practice). Luckily a lot of the other leaders in primary are professional teachers so I am sure they will have a lot of good tips for me too.

There are exciting new developments brewing on the job front, but since I don't have anything official that I can say yet, just know that hopefully (fingers AND toes crossed!) everything will be settled in the next few weeks.

Anthony is doing well in his classes, studying hard and working hard. This semester is going much better than last semester and it is hard to believe that we are few weeks away from it being over! Anthony's clinical coordinator took pity on him and instead of assigning him to the women's prison for his women's health rotation (where she said, and I quote, "They would eat him alive") she decided to assign him to the heath department. Whew!


Happy said...

Well, what a fun update! Those really are my favorite types of blog posts. Garden: awesome and inspiring. SOME DAY, maybe when both of my kids are in school, I'll start a garden. Or just when they are less demanding or something. I can barely keep up with my house right now, so I can't imagine having a garden to tend to as well, but some day I will have a garden and will stop spending such a ridiculous amount of money weekly on produce. Anthony's anemone splitting was very cool. Did he video it too? Is he going to send the pictures in anywhere? That makes me happy for him that he was able to experience that!
Good luck with your new calling! I've had that calling before, as well as the 6 and 7 year olds. You'll learn a lot and will have a lot of fun!
Glad everything is going well!

Angie Ora said...

Wow, those are quite the anemones! And good work on your garden. It looks lovely already. I hope you'll get lots and lots of vegetables!

For my own selfish reasons, I'm thrilled you are in Primary! I wasn't so sure of it myself after being in YW/Sunday School for many years, but those children are so sweet and give so much love. Hope you are having a good weekend! I'll be excited to hear about the news of the job! ...