Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picture Dump!

I have quite a few pictures to share and they don't really go together, so I will just put them all together in one post. Soooo get ready for some randomness :)

The police found Anthony's stolen car! Here are some pictures from the junk yard:

You can see that they took the entire front bumper, the headlights, and the front side panels. What you can't see is that they also took the battery and various engine parts. Here you can see that they took the taillights and the license plate. BUT they left the tow hitch. You mean they didn't want a tow hitch from a Honda civic hatchback? Weird.

This is an example of what basically the entire interior of the car looked like. All of the side panels and the front dash was taken apart and wires and parts were removed. The entire air conditioning control panel was missing, along with all of the ignition and inside the steering column.
The best for last:

They took the driver and passenger side head rests!! Who knew that 10 year old Honda civic head rests were worth anything to anybody?

These next round of pictures are of my blossoming garden. Everyday Anthony swears that it has doubled in size and that I am secretly pumping it with performance enhancers to make it grow. I swear I don't do anything to them, can I help it if I have the magic touch? Now if only I could make money grow the same way... I am beyond excited for the day when it finally starts producing something that I can eat!

Finally, I happened to have the camera out as Anthony was getting ready to drop me off at work before he headed to clinicals (ah, the joys of having only one car) and I couldn't resist taking a picture of him all professional-ed out. Isn't he adorable!!!! I am so proud of him, and it is really neat to see how much he has grown and all that he has learned in just a short amount of time. I can't mention anyone having any kind of medical condition without him knowing everything about it and starting to grill me about what medications they are on and what treatment. Plus, it is cool to be able to ask him whenever I don't feel well and have him diagnose me!

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