Saturday, April 24, 2010

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a grape?

I have crazy dogs. Truly, they are both neurotic on different levels. The more crazy of the two, Bitsy, is OBSESSED with chasing shadows almost 24/7, can't stand water, has specific texture and moisture requirements for the terrain she will or will not walk on, takes literally five minutes to decided the EXACT right spot to poop or pee on, and has to be comfortable at ALL times and will spend hours searching for the most comfortable position on the couch.

On of her more funny and cute quirks is that she loves to play with any kind of treats we give her. Most dogs just wolf it down, but not her. She gets it, throws it around, chases it, throws it somewhere else, licks it a little bit, takes a little bite, throws it around somemore, and repeat until it is all gone. I have never seen another dog do this! I gave her a grape today and when I saw how funny it was I decided to get a video of it. So here is the video with the second grape. She wasn't as playful with it as the first one, but it still took her over a minute to eat a grape....

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