Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do really good news and really bad news cancel each other out?

We've had a roller coaster week at the Lagana household. There have been awesome highs and horrible lows, and I haven't decided if the good has made the bad not so bad or if the bad has put a damper on the good...

The good first: I've been offered a full time job with benefits! Basically, I get to do the job I have been doing for the past 5 months I just get paid more and I get to have health insurance. Definitely a win! Plus, I've already gone through all of the growing pains of learning what it is I am supposed to be doing and I can keep trucking along and keep getting comfortable in my position. All of this time at work I have been able to be a apart of some exciting projects for the office and now I get to stick around and see them through. It is all very rewarding!

For more good, Anthony has had wonderful grades all semester and is only a few weeks away from being done with this semester. After that he only has two more semester to go until he is completely done!!! We are so glad that graduation seems to be sneaking up on us!

The bad: Anthony's car got stolen a few days ago. It is so disheartening to realize just how many bad people there are out there. I still want to believe that everyone is inherently good, but it is getting harder and harder to keep that optimism.

In the past few months:
  • Anthony's radio was stolen out of his car. We were bummed and filed a report with the police, but counted ourselves lucky that the windows weren't broken and everything else was left in the car.
  • Someone tried to break into my car while I was at the gym. A wonderful good Samaritan stranger chased the guy away and stayed by my car until I came back. This was in broad daylight in front of a shopping center and a busy street!
  • Anthony's car was completely stolen from our apartment complex. (I'm thinking the same people that stole the radio decided to come back and take the entire thing). When Ant talked to the police while filing his report, the cop told him that the crime is getting really bad in our neighborhood and thieves are actually kicking down doors to rob apartments! No joke, we are going to borrow a gun from a friend of ours and Anthony is going to quit working night shifts so that I'm not home alone at night anymore.

So, we are trying to stay positive. Anthony's school schedule is going to be crazy busy this summer so he wasn't anticipating working very much, but now that we need to buy another car it puts a little more stress on us. Plus, I can't stand the thought of staying in this neighborhood much longer so we are actively looking for another apartment. The sooner we can move, the better! I never thought I would wish that I lived in the country in the middle of nowhere, but I hate feeling so helpless and unsafe. But, I am sure everything will work out for us :)


Happy said...

Seriously, crazy crazy stuff!!!
But that is great that you got that job and that Anthony is doing so well!!! Congrats on that end!

The Driaza Jrs. said...

That is all so frustrating & you are so great to stay so positive! Believe it or not...there are bad people out there! So sad. Actually last month some came to our church parking lot at 10 a.m. & stole out of three cars. In BROAD daylight while sacrament was being passed. Crazy huh?

Lindsey and Bryan said...

First off, Yayayayayayay about your job! That is terrific! I'm so happy for you:) And yay for Anthony doing well and being so close to the end! That is such a good feeling. Second...I can not believe so much crime is happening over there! I'm so sorry about Anthony's car. And here I thought Gainesville was bad. I really hope you two can get into a better neighborhood soon!!