Thursday, October 30, 2008


For the first time, I am actually kind of excited about this election! I never thought voting meant very much and I've only been old enough to vote in one presidential election but I think it is great that so many people are getting fired up to vote and participate. I don't want to go into who I am voting for and why because I am SICK of people bashing one candidate or another. We're all adults here people, let's just agree to disagree and focus on what we have control over: who we personally vote for.

I just have to say, I've discovered that my biggest pet peeve this election is people openly admitting that they don't know anything about the issues, that they can't understand what is going on, but they are POSITIVE that so-and-so would be the best president ever. I personally think that if you do all the research and come to a logical decision that Mickey Mouse is the best candidate, then vote for him, I don't care! Please, just don't try to tell me that you don't know what is going on, but I should definitely follow your lead.


grandpaandmimi said...

We did a lot of research to confirm our first choice and to make sure it's the right choice. 1. The person has to get the country and world together diplomatically and get our country's good reputation back .
2. Bring home the troops a.s.a.p. safely!!
3. Has to make smart and logical decisions.
4. Has to get the national debt down while saving the middle class.
5. My (Tony) top one was not giving tax breaks to the very wealthy or giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs over seas.
6. Has to build up alternative energy/fuels and get the country to move away from oil, not try to drill our way out (especially in sensitive areas).
7. Health care for all and push prevention!!
8. On moral issues: education, abstinence and prevention, adoptions and abortion only in rare conditions.
9. These are most of the main reasons we picked Barack Obama.
Read his platform at

grandpaandmimi said...

Editor's NOTE: On #8 Typo..adoptions should of had a period after it as it was part of the PREFERRED choices
for us and for Obama.