Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family Update

I am sitting here with my hot chocolate on my only real day off, and I wanted to update on all of the things going on with us :)

School: Ant and I are both doing really well so far this semester. Right now, Anthony is in his class in Tampa and his schedule of being in Tampa on Wednesdays, my only day off school and work, has turned out great. Wednesdays have become my cleaning/getting stuff done days :) Anthony pointed out that I definitely have senioritis!! I really don't enjoy going to school anymore and it is not because I don't like the material, I am just over school. This is my last full semester and I am just ready to be done! Every time I turn to the travel channel I instantly want to be where ever they are featuring, and I think it is because I never took a break from school. But, on the bright side I'll be getting my Master's degree at the age of 23, so I guess it is worth it right?

Work: We have definitely worked out a routine with us working the same schedule. We always know what car we are taking, who is driving, where we are parking (this has been the source of contention in the past) and what time to take a break in our shift so we can visit each other. When I go up to his floor, all of this co-workers go, "It's Mrs. Anthony!!!". Anthony doesn't really like the night shift because there is a lot less action and things to do, but there is not much he can do about it :( As for my internship, I've put working there on hold until the semester is over because of all the school work I've had. I might still work there next semester, but I'm exploring other options as well because I'm not sure that substance abuse is the area for me. I'm glad I had the opportunity to find that out ahead of time!

Our new addition: Anthony really wanted me to include this in the blog: we got a new tv!!
Isn't it ginormous!! Our 10 year old 50 inch tv broke last friday and all the research we did on the problem was that it wasn't worth it to pay to get it fixed. So, we decided to upgrade! After all this time with a big tv, there was no way we could get a smaller one and I found a pretty sweet deal on this 60-inch tv. We got it Monday night, and it probably says a lot about our social life that our tv broke on Friday and we bought a new one on Monday! Now we really want to have a movie night at our house to break it in. Anyone interested?

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grandpaandmimi said...

The only time we have is on weekends so take them off so we can come up and me and anthony can watch moves while you girls shop. (smile face)