Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Kayaking Adventures

Ant and I took the kayaks out again today, this time to Crystal River. It was really fun to explore all of the little creeks and it was so beautiful! Right as we got out there, we took a detour into a narrow little creek with high weeds that had so many bends and turns that I was sure we would come across something exciting like a gator:) We ended up going so far into it and it narrowed so much that we almost couldn't turn the kayaks around to get out!
Yea kayaking!!!

We came across some really cool coves as we went down a bigger creek area: By far the coolest thing about the entire trip was that we got to get up close and personal with some manatees!!!! I have never seen them this close in the wild and I just couldn't get over it. One manatee in particular loved my kayak and kept going under it. I was afraid to put my paddle in the water because I didn't want to hit its back, but I also wanted to move my kayak when he went under me so that he wouldn't try to surface and tip me over! At first we didn't know if he knew we were there, but we realized he did when he surfaced right next to my kayak and came up to sniff it. I swear he looked me in the eye like he wanted me to pet him! Soon after our friends the Tripps joined us in their kayaks. We went back to try and find more manatees, but unfortunately they wouldn't come and play no matter how much we called them.

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