Friday, September 26, 2008

Why I love my husband

As many of you know, Anthony is not only the best husband ever, he is pretty much unflappable. Nothing really bothers him or gets to him and if they do, it doesn't last for long. Sometimes I think that his reactions just aren't normal. At least, they certainly aren't how I would react...

Case in point: A couple of nights ago I was trying to get to sleep and Anthony was downstairs downloading music on the computer. Recently I've discovered that I have become one of those people who can't get to sleep without a breathing body lying down next to me. I never used to be this way, and in fact when I first got married I found it easier to get to sleep when I had the bed to myself, so this new development is a little annoying.

So finally around 2am I went downstairs, fuming and barked at Anthony, "Are you coming to bed???? I am tired and I need to sleep!!!" I then turned around and marched back upstairs and into bed. Anthony comes upstairs a few minutes later, whistling!! I watched him for a little while and then I finally couldn't stand it anymore and told him,
Me: "You know I'm mad at you, right?"
Anthony (laughing): "No you're not"
Me (exasperated): "YES, I am"
Anthony (laughing harder): "No you're not"
Me(trying not to smile/laugh too): "What is wrong with you?"
Anthony: "You can't be mad at me. I'm too cute" *insert big grin*

I was dying of laughter by this time. What a unique, adorable man. Happy Birthday honey, I love you!!


Phambabe said...

Awww, well any guy who can make a woman laugh when she starts out being mad is a catch! Maybe he can give Tim some lessons LOL! Happy birthday to him!

grandpaandmimi said...

I know that's the best guy!!!

grandpaandmimi said...

Dear Virginia,
I could have written your MAD story!
I can't stay mad at Tony because he always turns it around and makes me
laugh and ruins my whole bad mood!!!
Like Father Like Son!
(It works, we're having our 32nd anniversary next week! I wish you and Anthony the same times 2!)
Lots of Love,
Your Favorite Mother-in-Law