Monday, September 22, 2008

New do

I've been thinking about getting a hair cut for awhile now, and I finally just went and did it today. I love it!!! I had Anthony take pictures of it so I could post, but we ended up arguing because he would only take pictures if I smiled really BIG, and I think I look like a dope when I do that. Soooo, I'm only posting the "sexy" picture and the side views in which I got away with not smiling. Ha!!! I win!!!


grandpaandmimi said...

Cute hair cut!!!!!
Even though you look cute not smiling you have a beautiful smile!!


Phambabe said...

It is super cute! I have been toying with the idea of cutting mine, but it is so long and the thought of how long it would take to grow it back out if I hated it has been keeping me from doing anything. I had bangs cut in a few months ago, and I think I might go in and have them put in some long layers, but I am such a wimp. I don't want it to suck!