Friday, September 26, 2008

Kayaking for sharks

We recently went kayaking with some friends of ours and their kids and it was a blast! This was my first time kayaking in the ocean, and let me tell you kayaking against the wind AND the current is no picnic. However, the view was breathtaking and I got a serious workout kayaking the half mile from where we put in to the actual ocean.

One of the big goals for the trip was for Anthony to catch a shark for the kids to see. Anthony told the kids about catching a 100lb nurse shark last week and they were amazed because they had just seen sharks at the aquarium. Zeke was TOTALLY excited at the idea of seeing a shark up close and I am pretty sure he thinks Anthony is about the coolest guy ever and gets to do the most fun things. Now he comes up to Anthony all the time and asks him when he can come over to play :) Unfortunately Ant didn't catch a shark, but he caught a pretty good sized sting ray and caused a serious 5 minutes of excitement and anticipation while he was reeling it in.

We had a really good time and will definitely be doing this again soon! Here is a picture of the sunset just as we were putting the kayaks back on the car:

Just as a side note, since I just marvel at the cute things kids say, our friends' three year old watched as an airboat came in and loaded onto the trailer. The water from the boat started to empty out of a plug on the back and she kept saying, "Look! The boat is going potty!" Too cute!

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