Friday, June 16, 2017

James' Kindergarten Graduation

James had his kindergarten awards ceremony! It was on a Monday afternoon, so Anthony got to come and see it before he went to work. First all the kids did a performance of the song "New York, New York" except they changed the words to "First Grade, First Grade". It was so cute! I couldn't really get a good spot to take pictures or video, so I ended up with a few of the back of James' head.

James receiving his awards from the principal. Every kid got a few different awards based on their interests. James got the Junior Scientist award, Best Behavior Award (!), Future Engineer Award, and the High Achieving Eagle Award (for getting the equivalent of straight A's).

After all the classes get their individual awards, the specials teachers give out one or two awards for their subject. James was so surprised when his Yoga teacher announced his name for the Health & Wellness Award! Look at his shoulders all bunched up to his ears :) He was so surprised to get a special award!

After the awards were handed out, the classes went back to their own classroom for candy superlatives. James got a big bag of smarties for "always having a smart answer". His teacher must have known that those were basically the only candy he likes!

James and his teacher. I seriously can't say enough about how much we love her!! She is amazing!

James and some of his classmates right before I checked him out early to go home. Rett had to get in there and hold up a car since he didn't get a candy :) Moving on to First Grade!

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Happy said...

I'm seriously so jealous of James' school!!!! My kids' school is introducing a STEAM curriculum (the A is for Arts) and the teachers are all going to training for it this summer, so I'm hoping it's even just a fraction as awesome as James' school! I was telling Dallin's teacher, who I babysit for, about his school and she was as blown away as I am! Ugh, so happy for y'all but so jealous!! :) That's so awesome that he had such a good year and I know how thrilled you must be about his best behavior award!!! Good job Mama as well as James! WOW, can you believe you have a FIRST GRADER?!