Thursday, June 15, 2017

Beginning of May

While at Wal-Mart Rett fell in love with this bunch of miniature bananas. He wanted to eat one as soon as we got in the car, so I opened it for him. It took him only a few bites to devour it!

We are doing a bad job of making sure to hold the snakes and get them used to people. It is just so easy to forget they are there in their cage! Anthony let James hold the little snake while he got her food ready for her.

I got back from the store and was surprised when I couldn't find anyone in the house. I went outside to find Rett pushing Anthony on the swing. He was loving it!

We got the bantams out of the house and into the big coop! They need a few weeks in separate cage so the two groups can get used to each other and then we will let them out. They were very curious about each other.

Rett isn't fast enough to catch a chicken (yet) so he always asks James, the master chicken catcher, to catch one for him so he can pet it. James is happy to do it!

Every time we go to the coop we try to bring the chickens some fresh grass or produce leftovers. They love to check out what we have, they aren't shy at all. They will eat out of your hand, jump up on you and peck your shirt and pockets just to make sure you don't have anything else.

James lost his first tooth! It has been wiggly for forever and one day during class it just popped out. He was so excited to tell me all about taking a trip to the nurse's office, washing his mouth with salt water, and then getting a special tooth shaped container to keep his tooth in. So exciting!

That night we put the tooth under his pillow and he went to sleep. When the tooth fairy came, the tooth was gone! It turns out someone had decided to sneak the tooth back into his pocket. So the tooth fairy left him a tiny note inside the tooth container, inside his pocket. Plus a few dollars :)

I happened to be in the car when our van hit 111,111 miles!

James has been taking an old phone of mine to his primary class and his teacher has been assigning him to play songs for the lesson on the lds music app on it. She also will take pictures of him every once in awhile and I will find them on it later. This was one of them :) I have no idea what the lesson was, but she always prepares so well for them. James loves having her as a teacher!

Rett and the cousins playing on the swing. Rett loves it when the cousins come over! He follows them around and asks them to play with him nonstop :)

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