Friday, June 16, 2017

Color Bash 2017

For months there were signs at James school asking for volunteers for "Color Bash". I wasn't exactly sure what Color Bash was, but I wanted to help out! So I got Anthony's parents to watch Rett so I could spend the day helping out. It turns out it is a school wide field day/celebration. All the kids in all the grades (K-8th) were assigned a color group with a teacher and mix of kids from different grades and have been meeting in their groups on certain days throughout the year. They came up with a team song, motto, poster, etc.. James' teacher told me that one of main reasons they do this is because when they first started the school, the little kids were terrified of the older big kids! This way they can get to know the older kids and the older ones can get to know the little ones and be role models.

There were 10 different stations for each team to go to. Sometimes they were on their own and other times they were competing with other teams. At each station, volunteers graded the teams on spirit, sportsmanship, and cooperation (which is what the trophies were awarded for at the end). They do end up with an overall winner but it isn't based on winning each event, it is based on their teamwork and attitude. How cool is that?

This is James' team coming down to the field, he got to hold the banner in the front. They were Team Asparagus and their motto was "Make Asparagus Great Again". Their teacher wore a Donald Trump wig and introduced himself as "Ronald Trump" to everyone and would talk about asparagus nonstop :)

James at my station after going down the water slide. The inflatable water slide was his favorite station!

At the end of the field day portion, the entire school gathers to sing a song (that they have been practicing in music class) and at the end of the song the teachers throw powdered color in the air on everyone. James got upset right as it started because he didn't get to hold a container of powder, so he is pouting behind the pac-man kids in the front for the entire song. 

Then everyone ate picnic lunches and went back to class to change clothes and wait for the awards ceremony. James had so much fun watching Netflix with one of his buddies, Korbin. They shared his towel as a blanket and were so cute leaning on each other and laughing at the Ipad.

At the end of the awards ceremony they sang the song again and this time I got a video of James actually doing the hand motions. That is until he saw me videoing him and he started doing finger guns at me :)

It was a long fun day at school with James, and Rett had a great time playing at home with Papa. Look at these cuddle bugs!

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