Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Turtle the Tortoise

A few Saturday's ago there was a reptile expo in Daytona Beach and Anthony really wanted to go. There were tons of snakes, turtles, iguanas, you name it. James spent at least 30 minutes at the cricket seller table catching escaped crickets and putting them back in their cage. The owners even let him come back behind their table to look for them! It was so hard to pull him away from all that bug catching :)

Rett wasn't being very cooperative because it was in the middle of his nap time, so I kept him over by the food tables while Anthony took James to look around. Then I started getting text messages like this:

In the short time they were away from me, they both got their heart set on buying a tortoise to take home. At first they wanted a big one, but I would only agree to a small one. So we got this one:

As soon as we got home, Anthony set him up in an old aquarium in the living room. Doesn't he look comfortable?

This type of tortoise lives for 100 years and get grow to over 100 pounds. It looks like James is going to be inheriting this guy :) When he gets big enough we will build a pen for him in the backyard and he will live outside. Because we are a zoo. This is a picture of one that is full grown.

James decided to name him Turtle. He said that he knows he isn't a turtle but that tortoise is too hard of a name to say all the time. So he is Turtle the Tortoise.

As a reward for good behavior at church when we got home we spent hours building a turtle town for him out of Lincoln logs. Welcome to the family Turtle!

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