Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Catching up

Anthony and James went out on the boat and James caught a catfish!

Waiting for James at the pickup area of James school. Rett is loving all the one on one time with mommy!

One night at bedtime we let Rett play with his cars in his room before putting him in his crib and then we completely forgot about him! When we were going to bed I realized that I never put him in, and I found him asleep on the floor like this. He played until he dropped!

The Elders Quorum had a family movie and pizza night and the boys did great! We had to go into the gym for the last 30 minutes of the movie because they couldn't sit still anymore, but everyone got along. It was so nice.

Every day they have "specials" at James school that they rotate: music, PE, yoga, art, IT (computer lab), and STEAM lab (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). James' favorite is the STEAM lab. They talked all about airplanes and what makes them fly, lift, air molecules, force and drag. James brought home his airplane and was talking me all about it. I was very impressed!

One morning after dropping James off at school, I realized I didn't have any plans and I thought, "let's get pancakes!". So we did! I am still adjusting to my new sidekick and figuring out what he likes to do without James around.

James pretending to be a tortoise.

Showing me airplane pose he learned in yoga.

We had a hurricane day off of school right before the Labor Day weekend so we ended up with a 4 day weekend. We went on a hunt for umbrellas at the store and ended up buying some clearance summer stuff, including a cool bubble kit. So we used the hurricane winds to try them out!

Anthony met us at the park after work one afternoon and when we got in the van to leave, it would start and then all the dash lights would come on and the it would die. So we called for a tow truck through our AAA membership. When I said I was calling a tow truck James yelled from the back seat, "yes!!! I always wanted to see a tow truck!!". We were at the park by the water so we got out and looked for snails and crabs until they came about 45 minutes later. Since Anthony was there, we all went home in his truck.

It took a few days for the mechanic to check it out because of the holiday weekend but it didn't take too long to fix after that.

After seeing the game Bean Boozled on Happy's blog I knew I had to get for us to try. I found it at the store and we played it the next day. The boys loved watching everyone else get gross ones, but they weren't a fan of getting them themselves :)

Rett refused to chew and would just hold it in his mouth and pretend like he ate it. If we told him to chew it up, he would just spit it out without chewing. Sneaky kid!

It seemed like most of them were the gross flavor!

Rett thought it was hilarious when someone would spit theirs out. It was his favorite part!

We started incubating another round of eggs! 11 were collected from our quail and 15 we bought online just in case ours were too young to be fertile. It turned out that only 1 of the ones we ordered hatched, and that was only with me helping it come out (which you aren't supposed to do but it would have died otherwise). 6 of our 11 hatched so we ended up with 7 chicks. One of the chicks died in the first few days so now we have 6.

This is the one I helped out of the shell. He spent almost a full day just laying down in the incubator and I didn't think he was going to make it, but now he is doing great!

Our first 2nd generation quail chick! (We marked the eggs from our quail on the outside of the shell so we could tell if it was one of ours hatching)

All fluffy and looking cute:

We put them on my postage scale and most of them weigh 3 ounces except one tiny guy who weighs 2 ounces.

Once they are old enough we will put the new girls in with our others. Cross your fingers for more girls this time!

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Happy said...

Don't you just LOVE that one on one time with the younger child?? I remember when Teya went off to preschool, feeling like that's when I started to get to know Dallin. And now Nolan and I have had that for 3 years now and I treasure it!! So funny about leaving Rett and his room to play and forgetting about him, haha!! How awesome that he stays in there! James' school sounds amazing!!! How's he doing in school this year? Bean Boozled: haha!! Dallin played it with my Webelos group and ate a skunk one and didn't even spit it out or have a problem with it!! It seriously made me gag just being around him because his breath smelled so bad! Very cool about the new quail hatchlings! Man, everytime I see posts about your animals I have two thoughts: "Your lucky kids!!" and "My poor kids!!" Ugh, if only we liked animals more and could touch all of the things y'all do and could be as cool as you guys are, maybe my kids could have the educational, amazing childhood your kids are getting...sigh. Both Teya and Dallin's teachers have turned out to not be as nice as we thought and are both big yellers, so maybe we could move back to FL afterall and live near you guys so my kids can be a part of your animal adventures...