Monday, March 21, 2016

March Fun

Since I am in the stake primary presidency now, it means that I had a lot to do for the stake pinewood derby. The president was out of town, but she gave me all the materials for it, including a set of thrift store trophies. I hot glued some hot wheels cars on the top and spray painted them gold. The cub scouts were so excited about those trophies! The stake center is about 45 minutes away from us, so the Saturday of the pinewood derby, the boys and I left the house around 10:30 and we didn't get home until 5pm. It was a long day! The boys were great, very good helpers and very well behaved. I was so glad because there was a lot of work to do coordinating everything. It couldn't have gone better, so I was really happy about it. James brought his own car to race. He even weighed it and hot glued some pennies on it to try to make it faster.

Finally! Right at the end when it was time to clean up, the siblings who brought cars could race theirs. James lost all of his races, but he was a good sport about it. He said he didn't mind since he still got to take one of the extra participation trophies home.

Superman car racing the Batmobile!

Some family friends sent us a belated Christmas card with a Toysrus gift card for the boys. When I told James how much he could use for his toy, he got so excited and ran to tell Anthony that he could pick out "even an expensive toy!". I think his love language is toys. Seriously.

So we took a trip to Daytona to the nearest Toysrus. They had such a blast checking out every little thing.

Rett liked everything, so we decided to get him a Cars race set and some new Lightning McQueens. He loves Lightening McQueen! Now he has four of them in different colors and he can't sleep unless he has all of them with him in his crib.

James wanted a remote control boat, so he picked out this one. When we checked out, the cashier got Anthony to add on some batteries from the checkout for the boat and when Anthony handed me the receipt I saw that the batteries were $18!! In what world does anyone spend that much on batteries?? We returned them right away and got some from the dollar store later.

One night before bed Rett and I were playing with puzzles in his room and he surprised me by knowing almost all of the numbers in the puzzle! I promise I put no effort into teaching him. He must have soaked it up from the tv shows he watches. It is so interesting to keep discovering how different he is than James. James had no interest in any of this stuff for the longest time and Rett just loves it! He also loves to color, which James has never liked so I have to think of all new things for him to do that I never thought of with James.

Grandma came to visit and brought Rett a big lollipop. Don't be fooled by his face, he was actually really excited about it.

My awesome sister sent me a Harry Potter vintage wand necklace and I happened to be wearing my 9 3/4 t-shirt the day it came in the mail. Too perfect.

On St. Patrick's day, we had so much going on that I hadn't planned on doing anything cute for the boys. When I took James to school and told him it was St. Patrick's day, he was so excited about leprechauns! He kept telling me all about them and that they play tricks and have a pot of gold. When he got to school he noticed a house across the street that had always been blue, but now it was yellow (I guess they painted the day before). He was so excited! He said that leprechauns must have painted their house! So after I got home from dropping him off, a few sneaky leprechauns visited with things I had around the house.

James found this map on his bed that leads to the leprechaun's treasure.

When we followed it, we found out we were tricked! He left us candy instead of his pot of gold!

Then James started to explore the house to find what else the leprechaun did. He put four leaf clovers on his door!

James found these toys on the floor in Rett's room and said, "Man! That leprechaun came in here and made a mess!" Ummm. Yep, sure he did.

His favorite was discovering that the toilet bowl water was green! He kept laughing and hitting his head. Rett kept pointing and saying, "green! green!". James insisted that nobody use the toilets because he wanted the water to stay green. He even told Anthony that he would have to go potty outside in the backyard behind the shed :)

Looking in the garage and insisting that things had been moved by the leprechaun. Hey, why not? Sure he did! That sneaky guy :)

For the rest of the day, James kept asking, "Hey! Was that like that before? (about anything looking out of place) I think the leprechaun did that!". We also watched Darby O'Gill and the Little People so he could see what real leprechauns look like. We really had a blast with St. Patrick's day this year!

The next day was the last day of school before spring break, the Easter egg hunt, and pizza party in James' class. Since my mom was in town, I stayed at school with James to help out. The kids were wired! Here they are lined up for their Easter egg hunt.

James was very excited that it was his turn to be door holder. He holds the door and holds his hand out for everyone to give him a high five when they walk by. So cute!

Saying hi to the Easter bunny before going in to get eggs. James kept saying, "I know it is a person in a costume because I can see their arms and their neck."
James didn't want to get right next to the Easter bunny for a picture, but he was cool with standing on the fire truck near him.

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