Sunday, March 6, 2016

Catching Up

I finally sat down to organize all my pictures from the past few weeks and catch up on the blog. I am so behind! There were quite a few that didn't really fit in with everything else, so I decided to put them all together in one post.

Sometime after Christmas Mimi and Papa brought Nevada to visit for dinner. We decorated ugly Christmas sweater cookies and had a blast!

Nevada had fun showing James videos on her ipad. They sat together like this for quite awhile.

During one of Grandma's visits, she and James built a space center with his magna-tiles. He showed her how to make windows with the triangle pieces and how to open them up to get his toy shuttle in.

Grandma also took James to see Kung Fu Panda 3 one afternoon. They used the big annual popcorn bucket that Daniel bought for the year that lets you get $4 refills of popcorn. James was in heaven! Grandma showed him how to put the "popcorn syrup" (butter) on the popcorn and he insisted on going back to put more on it three different times during the movie! My mom said she was glad they were the only ones in the theater because he got a little restless and started racing up and down the aisles and exploring all around. Empty movie theaters is one perk to living in a town without many children.

James watching TV and playing with the "spikes" in his hair. He still really likes for us to put gel in it and doesn't like it when it gets messed up.

I took the boys to the sand park by the river and they were overjoyed to see a brand new sand pile! The city was getting ready to grade the beach area, so they dumped some sand for the next day. The boys gave it a good shot at spreading it all out themselves :)

Jumping back and forth between the piles:

There were a few parts of the pile that had ant colonies, so I reminded James to keep Rett away from it. He looked at me with impatience and said, "I always do my job of protecting my baby".

There were also a lot of belly slides down the sand pile. They seriously had the best time!

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