Saturday, March 21, 2015

My birthday

My visit to Harry Potter world was my big present, so the actual day of my birthday was pretty low key. After Anthony came home from work, we decided to go check out this go-kart place that I originally thought of for James' birthday. James loved racing me in the go-karts, he and Anthony smoked me!

After go-karts we took turns trying out the batting cages. Surprisingly I hit a lot of them!

James took a turn too and didn't get to hit anything. I think the helmet was covering his eyes most of the time, so he did have a good excuse :)

I got to wear my birthday present from Anthony: a "Hogwarts Alumni" t-shirt since I got to visit Hogwarts finally! I was planning on going to the grocery store to buy my own cake, but my brother said that it wasn't allowed, so I got to pick it out and he bought it. Such luxury to have someone else buy my cake or me ;) We put all 29 candles on it for fun. There was a lot of melted wax on that cake by the time we got all of them lit!
James insisted on helping me blow out my candles.
It was a fun birthday and I'm so glad that everyone got to celebrate it with me!

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Happy said...

Happy birthday again!! Do you go for the ice cream cakes like Anthony?