Thursday, March 12, 2015

Beginning of March

A few weeks ago I got to go to the temple to be with one of my counselors in the primary presidency as she got her endowments. It was such a wonderful trip! Anthony's parents came to watch the kids and I rode with a friend to Orlando. As I was getting ready to leave in the morning, I was cleaning and found a few pacifiers around the house. Rett collected them all and had one in his mouth and one in each hand. He was set!

I was gone for about 7 hours, and when I walked in the door, Anthony's mom immediately said, "How do you do this??". Apparently, they wore them out ;)

We bought new chairs for the backyard so that we would have a place to sit while the boys play. Previously we've always just sat on a blanket, but this is much more comfortable. At least the boys think so, because they immediately took over both chairs and we were back on the ground again :) Now I need to find some kid sized ones so that we can have our chairs back!

 Our strawberry plants are doing very well and both boys love going out everyday to pick all the ripe ones. They also love eating them warm right from the garden and I love watching them devour them, especially Rett.

One day we accidentally caught a cardinal under the screen we have over the strawberry plants. The screen is supposed to keep animals from nibbling on our strawberries, but this determined bird found a way in. Then he couldn't find his way out!

Last Saturday was our stake pinewood derby and I wanted to go to support the cub scouts in our ward and cheer them on. The only catch was that it was in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday, so I would have to bring both boys during their normal nap time. I was a little nervous about it... I helped James make a pinewood derby car from a kit so that he could bring it and not feel left out that everyone else had a car. It was a good that he had it to play with, but also a little aggravating when he asked me every 5 minutes when it was his turn to race his car. Overall, they both did really great with how much waiting around and sitting we had to do. We sat through 3 hours of racing because they only had one working track, but finally James got to race his car twice right before they said the closing prayer. He was so excited!

Our ward was in charge of the refreshment room, so after being there for 3 hours, we stayed to help vacuum, clean, and wash the dishes. I put James in charge of vacuuming the crumbs while I went into the kitchen next door and washed the dishes one handed while holding Rett. James was such an awesome helper! He loved making sure he got all the crumbs and everyone was impressed with how hard he was working. Give that kid a task and he is ready to go!

Tuesday was James' first soccer practice for the spring season. This is his third season with the same coach, so it is nice that things are familiar for him. We were so impressed with how James did in his first practice! He actually listened to his coach, did what was asked, and he didn't hit or push anyone!! (The no hitting and pushing is a major win for us. It really can go either way anytime he has to interact with other kids). We've also noticed how much more coordinated he is compared to when he first started soccer almost exactly a year ago. I think that will make soccer more fun for him and less frustrating since he can control the ball better.

He actually put his foot on the ball when he was supposed to stop it, which he never did last season because he couldn't keep his balance. We were very excited for him :)

They also got to take turns shooting their ball into the goal. James was very determined! We asked him later if he was going to make a goal during a game this season and he casually said, "Yeah, probably".

Rett sat with us and watched for most of the practice, so we didn't have to chase him around too much. He loves those soccer balls though, so it is going to be hard to keep him away from them all season.

The weather has been so beautiful lately, that Anthony decided to take James out fishing in the boat for some one on one time. When we told James that he was getting to go out on the boat, he yelled, "Yay, yay, yay, yay!!" and did a little victory dance. They had a great time together! Anthony caught two keeper fish and James tried to reel them in, but they were too heavy for him. After they got home, James told me all about the "sand bar with lots of mud" that he got to walk on. He was so happy after spending an afternoon fishing, he really does take after Anthony!

Whenever I do preschool activities with James or we play with more intricate toys like his circuit set, Rett tries to push his way into what we are doing. He likes to walk right on top of the toy, or sometimes even sit down on the paper and refuse to move until you pull him off. Then he has a little tantrum where he cries angrily, and stretches out on the floor with his face in the ground. I feel bad about pushing him out of the way so often, and I want to try to find ways to have him participate without interfering. It doesn't always work, but this time it did! While James did some painting I put Rett in his highchair and let him finger paint at the same time. He loved it! 

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Happy said...

OH MY GOSH Virginia!! That baby of yours!!! I seriously can't stand how cute he is!!! Those eyes! That hair! And those lips in that last painting picture!! How have you not eaten him alive?!
That was so funny about my mom asking how you do it. And the chair thing with you being back on the ground made me laugh out loud.
WOW, that sounds like a TON of work with the pinewood derby and cleaning up, I got tired reading about it. Isn't it amazing the things you become capable of doing with one hand after having kids?!
Fishing sounds so fun! That's fun that Anthony can already include James in his hobbies. Dallin and Jared can pretty much only do video games together right now, but I was just thinking that Jared needs to figure out some sort of project they can build or fix together.
I hear ya about the baby wanting to walk on, sit on or get into anything you try and do with the older ones! Times like that is when I think people with twins have it easier!