Thursday, March 12, 2015

Funny James

James had his 4 year old check up and had to get shots for the first time in a long time. The last time he had them, he was too young to really understand what was going on, so we tried really hard to prepare him. We talked him through what would happen and warned him about shots and that they hurt a little bit, but then it feels better really fast. Then, you get to go pick out a toy at the toy store! We might have talked up the toy part a little too much (I think out of guilt, I hate that I have to make him get shots!), because when we had a little car trouble the day of his appointment and I told him we might not make it, he said, "Nooo! I want my shots!". While the car was getting fixed, Anthony ended up having to take him alone in the truck since there are only 3 seats and we all don't fit. So I stayed home with Rett and worried the entire time :) On the one hand I didn't want to see him cry and be hurt, but on the other hand I wanted to be there to mother him. I totally didn't need to worry, he was amazing! He barely minded them at all! When he came home he told me, "It hurt a little bit, but then I got bambaids and a red lollipop!"
 He was very excited to get a glove balloon, specially made by Daddy :)

His 4 year old stats:
                   Weight: 35 pounds (38th percentile)
                    Height: 42 inches (80th percentile)

On the way home they stopped at Dollar General and James picked out two toys: a plastic boat that has motor so it works in the water and a plastic airplane for the bathtub. He has already told me what toy he is planning to get the next time he gets shots, so he is definitely not traumatized :)

Just a few funny stories about James that I want to remember:

*One morning James came up to me and wanted to play with my wedding rings. I told him that I couldn't take them off because they were special.
                        James: "You got them when you were married?"
                        Me:      "Yes"
                        James: "So when am I married?"
                        Me:    "When you grow up and after you go on your mission, you will find a girl you really like and then you will get married.
                        James: "But the girl I really like is you!"

*James found an old ring of Anthony's in a box and was playing with it. He was putting it on his different fingers and twirling it around. I went off to volunteer at the library when I got this text from Anthony: "Daddy, I swallowed that decoration ring". I couldn't believe it!! I texted Anthony back and he said that it was for real and he thought James was telling the truth about swallowing it. I immediately decided to call and talk to James directly because something didn't sound right...James has seriously the most sensitive gag reflex I've ever seen so I just didn't buy that he swallowed something large and metal. Anthony put James on the phone and this how our conversation went:
                        James: "Hi Mommy!"
                        Me:      "Hi honey. What are you doing?"
                        James:  "Playing with Daddy's decoration ring"
                        Me (real calm, trying to act like it is no big deal):  "So where is Daddy's ring now?"
                        James:   "In my pocket".

Sure enough, he pulled it out of his pocket to show Anthony. Apparently he gave Anthony this big story about how he swallowed the ring and now it is in his tummy and everything. When I asked him about later in person, he got this sneaky smile on his face and said, "I just teasin'!"

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Happy said...

Oh my gosh, I'm totally cracking up about the ring story! hahaha!! And "the girl I like is you"!!! Melt my heart! The shots thing is funny too. Once Dallin got shots, probably around 4 years old too, and there were two nurses who stuck him once in each leg at the same time. He looked down at his legs, looked up at me and said, totally deadpan, "That hurt." Still makes us laugh every time one of us tells that story!