Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Making Daddy proud

This morning James was helping me clean up our back porch. When I went to shake out the rug that was rolled up, I saw an interesting looking worm. James loves worms and lizards and anything like that, so I told him to catch it so we could put it in his critter cage. It was fast!! He came close a couple of times and it dropped its tail so I figured it wasn't a worm after all but some kind of lizard. Finally James was able to catch it!
When we looked closely we could see small legs, but I still had no idea what it was. So we sat down on the couch and looked through Anthony's book of Florida reptiles and amphibians. Anthony has had this book since he was a kid and he would spend hours as a little boy reading it and memorizing it. Which is a big deal because Anthony does not like to read unless it is absolutely necessary.

We finally found a picture of it in the skink section. It is a Florida keys mole skink. (What is it doing so far north??) it says that they are a species of concern, so they are pretty rare and it even pointed out that they are hard to catch.
I wish Anthony was home at the timeso he could have seen it. To see how excited James was and interested he was in the book was so cool.

While we were doing that, Rett discovered some unattended graham crackers and was happily attempting to put them all in his mouth at the same time. He loves to eat, just like his Daddy!
People say all the time that the boys favor me with their blue eyes and lighter skin, but they definitely have a lot of Anthony in them too :)

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Happy said...

Ha, love it! I remember Anthony pouring over reptile books as a kid/teenager! Maybe it was just that one? Did he tell you how I would get him a book on reptiles in different countries I would visit? I felt kind of bad that he couldn't read them, I guess I should have bought him the English version, but it was fun to find them for him!
Seriously, your boys are too dang cute. And I still can't believe 3 of my siblings got kids with blue eyes. No fair!