Friday, July 11, 2014

Beach Bums

We have been really enjoying the beach this summer! We spent a few late afternoons fishing for whiting on the beach and James had so much fun catching the little fish. The fish are small but you can catch a large amount in just a short time, so it makes it worth it.
 I thought Rett would just play on the blanket and crawl around, but instead he wouldn't stop eating the sand! I mean, nonstop handfuls!! After a few minutes I ended up having to hold him and carry him around the rest of the time. He also really liked this golf ball :)

 Going for the sand!
James loved playing on his boogie board. I think this was his first time actually on the boogie board. Every time he has brought it with us to the beach before, he just dragged it around behind him.
 The next time we went to the beach, I brought an old pack and play for Rett (to keep him from eating ALL the sand at the beach :) and some friends!
James loved playing with his buddy Layton. They are both the perfect amount of rough and tumble boy for each other so they get along really well. Rett spent a lot of time in the pack and play next to baby Livy, so we decided it was their first date :) They better get used to each other because we have already decided that they need to get married one day!

James got really brave and actually wanted me to take him far into the waves, I think because Layton loves to swim out there with his life jacket on. I need to find one that is good for swimming like he has so that James can try it out, I think he would really like the freedom once he got used to it. We sure do love the beach around here!

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