Sunday, July 20, 2014

Everett is 10 months old!

Rett is just growing and growing! Taking pictures of him has gotten to be such a hard job. The kid never stops moving!! Half of the pictures we took today ended up blurry because he wouldn't sit still. A good amount had to get deleted because he couldn't stop grabbing the camera. Busy and curious, that is our little munchkin.
 He still doesn't have any teeth, but if we look closely we can see two tooth-sized bulges on his bottom gums, so we think they are getting ready to break through. It would make sense since he has been a little more fussy (for him anyway!) the last few weeks.
 Love this face!
 His favorite thing to do is to pull up on any and everything, get stuck there and then cry for help :) He also loves holding our hands while we walk him around. He just giggles and giggles when we do that!

 This is my favorite picture of him right now! He is eating his giraffe and grinning at me at the same time :)

He had a check up a few weeks ago and here are his stats:
-9th percentile in length
-16th percentile in weight
I am always surprised to see him be on the lower end of the chart for weight because he looks so plump and juicy to us! On top of that, he is growing out of his clothes again and is now in the 12 month size!

He loves, loves, loves eating table food, especially if he can feed it to himself. His favorites right now are bananas, peas, black beans, raisins, and cheerios. He also will eat anything I spoon feed him and happily eats squash, carrots, green bean puree, applesauce of all flavors, and yogurt. So far the only things I have found that he doesn't like are Ritz crackers (weird because he used to like them. Now he throws them on the floor immediately), and oatmeal.

Before we know it, it will be his birthday! This year went fast!

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