Wednesday, March 26, 2014

James' First Soccer Game

Taking James to this game was a real labor of love. Anthony had lovingly shared his stomach bug germs with me the night before, starting at around 2am when I woke up with fever and chills. I was miserable the entire day with body aches, stomach cramps, a headache, and fatigue. Anthony was feeling a little bit better than me Friday morning, so he tried to help me out with James and Rett, but it was the wounded helping the wounded. On top of that, he planned on going in to work still so he had to save his energy. Not cool. Anthony went off to work and then I was left alone for the rest of the night. As miserable as I was, I just couldn't stand the idea of skipping James' first soccer game! I barely ate anything all day, hoping to keep some of the worst stomach symptoms at bay and powered through it. I'm so glad I did, this kid had a blast!

Getting suited up in his uniform:
He was upset at first at being number 7. He kept saying, "But I three!"
 Doing warm ups:
 He wanted me to take a picture of his green shirt:
Rett spent a few minutes in the stroller. He was really fussy and tired, so I was hoping he would just fall asleep. Nope. I ended up having to hold him and jiggle him the entire time.
Here is his team scoring their first goal:
Some more play time. James is the one that stays near the back by his coach almost the whole time, with white stripes on his shorts :)
They split up the game into 4, 6 minute quarters and alternated who got to play each quarter. James ended up getting to play almost the entire time! When it wasn't his turn, he didn't want to sit down. He wanted to stand up and watch, so if someone on his team lost interest or left the field, his coach would see James and call him in.

This is his "Score!" pose:
Getting some juice and fruit snacks after the game:
Go Giants!

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