Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bathtime and Birthdays

Here are some pictures of my boys in the bathtub. Rett has always loved getting a bath, and James loves to have a little buddy in there with him. Rett will try to grab toys as they float by him and sometimes James will help him get them. So sweet!

After our first night of spring soccer where we met James' coach, James got to eat a late dinner and watch TV while I got Rett ready for bed. He doesn't usually get the bathtub all to himself, so it was fun to watch him splash and kick by himself. Ahhh, the little luxuries of a second child: a bathtub and a mommy all to yourself :)
For my birthday this year, we had a plan of a few fun things that we wanted to do and none of them panned out! It was actually kind of disappointing :( I had been looking forward to visiting a local alpaca farm. The website says that they have chickens with eggs you can buy, farm tours, and a gift shop with things made from alpaca products. We drove up to the farm and even though it was open, no one was there! The farm looks like a bunch of land to the side of a big house, so I felt like we were trespassing the entire time. So weird. We did get out and take a few pictures:
After the farm was a bust, we decided to go drive around some neighborhoods we have been looking at since we have been considering building a house in a few years. We drove to two different neighborhoods and both model homes at each one were closed for some reason! So frustrating. After that we went home and Anthony went to work until late at night. My mom and James baked me some cookies, so I at least got to blow out some candles with them :) 

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Happy said...

Even though I'd heard these stories, it was fun to read it along with the pictures! Isn't it funny how different life is for subsequent children than for the first? I almost forget to spend time with Nolan when it's just the two of us!