Monday, March 24, 2014

Conversations with James

*While we were driving down the Interstate, James started to reach over with his toy pirate hook and lift the door latch up to open the door. Thank goodness we have the child safety locks on that make it so you can't open the door from the inside! The resulting conversation went like this:

Anthony: "Buddy, don't pull at the door like that, you could open the door and then you would fall out and get hurt and might die!"
James: "But I won't get hurt, 'acause I have my seat belt on, so I won't fall out!!"
Anthony: "Uhh......well, just don't do it."

*We were driving to Wal-mart and as I was waiting at the light to turn onto the right street, I kept hearing this from the backseat:

James: "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! You suppose to use the bliiinkers! Turn the bliiinkers on!"
Me: "James, I do have the blinkers on."
James: "Noooo, the one with the red arrow!" (he meant the red triangle that is on the button for the hazard lights. Why he knows arrow and not triangle is beyond me. I blame PBS)
Me: "Ohh, well that button is for the flashing lights for when we need help. The blinkers are different"
James: "Hmm. When we need help?"
Me: "Yes"
James: "The policeman come help us?"
Me: "Yeah, he would help us"
James: "cause he a good guy?"
Me: "Yes"
Repeat entire conversation from beginning, only this time James told me everything I just told him and waits for me to confirm everything.
We have had a lot of conversations about blinkers. This kid loves blinkers! He is also a very opinionated backseat driver. He is absolutely sure that he knows the right way to drive and that you are doing it wrong. One day I turned to go somewhere and I heard from the backseat,  "Yay!!!!! You use the blinker, good job Mommy!".

*James had an ear infection a few weeks ago and has been off of antibiotics for awhile, but he woke up with more congestion than usual. (The pollen has been crazy here, we think it is allergy related)Right before bed Anthony decided to look in James' ears (which James loves to have done) to see if they looked inflamed again. Since they looked pretty red, Anthony started feeling his neck and found quite a few swollen lymph nodes.

Anthony: "Awww man. He's got a few swollen lymph nodes"
James: "Lemme feel" (Anthony shows him) "Ohhhhh"
James: (jumps up and runs to the kitchen where we keep his chewable vitamins) "I need my bitamin to make the emff node go away!"

*Whenever James does something cute or funny, we say:
One of us: "James, you're so funny!!"
James: "No I not!!"
One of us: "What are you then?"
James: "I James!"

*I went out to get the mail one morning and James came up right behind me. He said, "I come wif you Mommy!! Member? You my best friend!"

*One day we drove past Anthony's work and James said, "Daddy at work!". I asked him what daddy does at work and he said "Daddy wash his hands at work". Could've been worse. 

*One afternoon I left Rett with Anthony and took James to run some errands. I heard this from the backseat:

James: "mommy, I neeeed my screwdriver!!"
Me: "what do you need your screwdriver for?"
James: "for my screws!!"

Apparently I ask stupid questions.


Julia said...

Cute! Aren't little boys and cars a match made in heaven? One time Liam kept insisting that I push a certain button in the car, but I didn't know which one. He told me that it's the button that turns the car into a burrito. I still haven't found that button!

Happy said...

LOOOVE this!! My favorite was Anthony's response, "Ugh...just don't do it." I'm still laughing. I can hear Jared laughing now, can't wait to tell him that one tomorrow. And I got a good laugh over James being an opinionated backseat driver, especially with blinkers! Haha! The best friend comment: how sweet can that kid get?!? So funny and cute, thanks for sharing!