Thursday, February 13, 2014

Visiting Great Grandma

This past Sunday we drove down to Cocoa to visit Anthony's grandmother to celebrate her 92nd birthday! The last time we saw her was Thanksgiving 2011, so it was definitely an overdue visit. She loved seeing Rett, and even though she wasn't very sure of who we were (she didn't even really recognize Anthony), she was definitely happy we were there.
She kept saying how she loved Rett's blue eyes and how she always wanted a blue eyed baby :) I told her I loved his eyes too!

James was really good and after an hour or so of not being able to run around or touch anything in the assisted living facility, we decided to go outside and play in the front yard. James ran around playing tag and hide and go seek with his cousin Dallas and me. So much fun for a little boy. Then they started catching lizards. Dallas is a champion lizard catcher, but he would also let James take turns trying to catch them. He actually got one! Then we had fun putting the lizard on different parts of James' body. Here is the lizard on his head. James has no fear!
Rett was so tired after skipping his nap at church and then again during the visit, that he passed out in his car seat on the way home. We have some toy links dangling from his car seat handle and he fell asleep holding on to them. He slept like that the entire way home!

It was such a good visit. Happy Birthday Grandma Lagana!

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