Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rolling along

We have a roller! Rett rolled over for the first time on February 4th. He had been soooo close for a few days, so every chance we got we put him on the floor to see if he would do it. That morning I put him down and went into James' room to get him out of bed and dressed. While I was changing him I heard the xbox turn on in the family room...which was unoccupied except for Rett! When I checked on him, not only had he rolled from his back to his front but his foot hit the controller and turned on the xbox. If I didn't get to see the exact moment that he rolled, at least I got to hear it :)

He is definitely moving towards being more mobile. He loves to grab his toes and wiggle his body out of his bouncy seat. I've started having to remind myself to strap him into everything! 

We officially moved the crib out of James' room since he hasn't had to go back into it for sleeping for almost 2 weeks. He hasn't liked the idea of Rett sleeping in his crib whenever we have mentioned it, so I wasn't sure how he would react. Luckily, he didn't have any problems with it! As soon as I asked him to help me with the tools to take it apart and put it in Rett's room, he was excited to get the tools. It seems like to him it is still his crib, but he doesn't mind Rett sleeping in it because it is for babies. I also bought brand new sheets for it, so that it would look a little bit different and help him not think of it as his. Of course, once we got everything set up, we had to let Rett try it out. He looked so cute! (You can sort of see some baby feet in the crib in the first picture)
 Anthony thinks he looks a little bit like our niece Teya in this picture, and I totally see it. Don't you love it when you can see family resemblances?
He is still sleeping in a bassinet in his room, but we are hoping to start to transition him to the crib. I am going to try one nap a day in the crib and try to work my way up. He loves the cozy bassinet and it has an incline so it is pretty different from the crib. Hopefully it won't take too long :) As you can see he is working his way towards growing out of it pretty quickly! This kid gets bigger by the day!


Happy said...

Oh my word , I can totally see Teya in that picture! I see the same top lip, she had that same full top lip when she was a baby. So fun that Rett rolled over! I remember missing Dallin's first roll in the same way.

Happy said...

P.S. I just showed that last picture of Rett to Jared and asked who he thought it looked like and he immediately said Teya. He said, "It's the mouth! ". Funny!