Thursday, February 20, 2014

Phone Pictures and Videos

 James barely made the cut off for 3 year old soccer at the YMCA, and after much discussion about whether it would be worth it/how difficult it would be on our schedule we decided to go for it! We took our soccer ball to the field next to the Y to play and then we stopped in to register. James was so excited! He wanted to get started right away and he didn't like that he had to wait. He meets his coach next Friday, and then practices start in March with games starting a few weeks after that. The only bummer is that all of the games are held on Friday evenings when Anthony has to work. Hopefully he gets to at least come to some of the practices! If the games weren't Friday nights, Anthony totally would have signed up as a coach. He is just as excited as James! We got him a small sized soccer ball and shin guards at Walmart and I found a pair of cleats his size at a consignment store for $5. He doesn't have to wear cleats and we weren't sure if he would like running in them anyway, but they are so cute we had to try to find a pair!

I washed a bunch of our outside towels and blankets that we use for the garden on cold nights and for the boat and I left them folded on the floor. Bitsy discovered her dream bed! Just enough cushion on the bottom, with a nice layer on the top. All you could see of her was a nose!
 Ever since our breakthrough with going #2 on the potty, James was still a little hit or miss. Thankfully, the past week or so he has been more consistent. One night he wanted me to sit next to him while he went and I couldn't stop laughing at the faces he was making. The next day, he wanted to make me laugh again, so he tried to imitate his pooping face. This is the imitation :)
Anthony has been stalking this flock of parrot-looking birds that roost in a palm tree behind our house. He finally was able to get a video of them to show to a patient of his who owns a bird store. She said that they are conures that probably started out as someone's pet and now they have created their own flock. She said that if we put a birdfeeder up with chunky birdseed that we can probably get them to come to our backyard. The birdfeeder was up the next day!! Anthony is so excited, he and James go out to check the birdfeeder all the time. So far we have only attracted a squirrel :)

While Anthony was in the backyard with the video camera, he got a few videos of James. He was riding his bike earlier and then he wanted to practice his soccer with his cleats, so he is wearing his bike helmet and soccer cleats :) Such a character!

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Happy said...

Oh my word, his cute little voice!!! He is so dang cute!! That was funny about Bitsy hiding, how did she get under there?? Love that James is in soccer, can't wait to hear all about it! We discovered through soccer that our kids are NOT athletic AT ALL, but I'll still put them in it again b/c I think it was great exercise if nothing else!