Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fishing and Boating Adventures

Ever since Anthony got his boat back, he has been spending a lot of his free time fishing. I think he is trying to make up for lost time :) One afternoon he came back with some fish to clean and James took a bunch of pictures of the process. When I looked through the camera to see what he had taken pictures of, I was really impressed with the perspective of the pictures. It is like a little glimpse into what the world looks like from James' point of view. James took all of these by himself with no help at all from us! So cool!
After taking pictures of the fish, he wanted to take a picture of what is in the "trunk" of his toy ride-on car. It is where he keeps all of his play tools:
Anthony finally took James out on the boat, just the two of them! They went on a cold, windy afternoon after work and they probably wouldn't have gone if James hadn't been so excited about going. We really have to get better about not telling him when we are going somewhere or doing something fun until right before because he gets so upset and disappointed if plans change. It was really dark by the time they got home and I was getting a little concerned about them. When I heard them pull into the driveway, I went out there and after James got out of his car seat he came up to me looking like this:
He came running up to me, all excited and said, "I fall in the water!". Anthony was close by, getting ready to clean the boat off and he added, "Yeah....so he fell in." Apparently James had his little fishing pole in the water at the back of the boat while Anthony was turned the other way and the next thing he knew, he was in the water! Luckily it was only in about a foot of water and James was wearing his life jacket, but it was super cold and windy! Anthony pulled out all of the extra jackets and hats he keeps on the boat and wrapped him up in them. After James calmed down, Anthony asked him if he wanted to go home. He said, "No!! I fish!" He wanted to stay and fish, so they did. Anthony was very proud :) He was also proud that James held onto his fishing pole the entire time he fell overboard.

Pictures from the fishing trip:
James caught a catfish, which he has renamed, 'Kitty-fish". He tells everyone that he caught a "kitty-fish" all by himself:
This little boy is a true boater/fisherman at heart. He loves the water and all things boat and fish related, just like his Daddy!

Anthony has been doing a lot of fishing lately and he has had a lot of success! Our freezer is full of fish now and he has been loving it. The last trip he took he got a few good sized trout:

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Happy said...

Somehow I missed this post before and just saw it. Love all of the pictures by James! And I still can't get over how perfectly matched Anthony and James are! It's so cool to think of the many many years to come of them bonding over fishing in their boat. No doubt they'll always be super close! Jared's biggest fear is that Dallin (and now Nolan I guess) won't like cars or fixing things. Hopefully it all works out for them!