Monday, January 20, 2014

Everett at 4 Months

Our bug is 4 months old!! The time seems to be flying by!! This past month everything has been great except for his sleep. His sleep has been terrible! Starting at a few weeks ago he has been getting up 2-4 times a night instead of the just once he had been doing for awhile. I finally looked it up and it looks like it is really common for them to do a sleep regression around this time while their brains are developing new skills and hopefully we are coming to the end of it. The last three nights or so have been significantly better, so fingers crossed!

 He loves eating his hands and sitting upright.

 I love his cheeks! They are so plump and juicy! We love to squeeze his squishy parts and say they are juicy. Now if we ask James what those parts of his body are called, he says, "They juicy!!"

We love our happy little boy! We were just talking the other night about what a good baby he is. We almost never hear him cry! Unless he is hungry or tired, he is usually calm and happy. We are so excited to keep watching him grow!

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Happy said...

Seriously , he is soooo cute! I showed these pictures to Jared and he said, "Man, he looks just like Anthony! You Laganas have some strong genes!" (because Nolan and Teya both looked like me as a baby). I just see James when I look at pictures of Rett - what do you guys think ?
So I'm determined to move back to FL, partly because I can't stand your kids growing up without me and I miss you guys. So I need you to let me know some good places near you to house hunt online so I can show Jared some well priced homes and ask Ant to start dropping hints to Jared about how we need to move back and they could go fishing all the time or something! Operation Move Back to FL is in effect!