Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving and Christmas on Canal Street

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! My mom and Daniel came to visit from Wednesday to Sunday and we had a blast. Wednesday night after Anthony got home from work, James and I braved the grocery store for some last minute supplies for our Thursday feast. There were a lot of stressed out people in those aisles! I was glad I only needed a few things and could get out of there quickly. By the time we got home, my mom and Daniel had arrived with their dog Henry. James loves Henry dog! This is James and Henry Thanksgiving morning:
Anthony's sister and her two kids got to the house for the holiday celebration first. She brought a lot of toys to pass on to James and he was in heaven! At one point Dallas and Nevada were sitting next to each other, playing their handheld games and James was sitting right next to them playing with one of the new toys (mimicking them). He really is turning into one of the big kids now!
Anthony's parents arrived right before it was time to eat and boy did we have a lot of food! The problem is we want a lot of variety so we end up with 6 or 7 different side dishes that each could feed 10-12 people. Everyone went home with a lot of leftovers and we still have some in the fridge.
Friday morning Anthony and Daniel left early to do some fishing, but didn't have any luck. After they got back, my mom, Daniel, and I went to a matinee showing of the new Hunger Games movie. It was awesome!! I had so much fun! I think it was the longest amount of time I have spent away from Rett and it really wasn't that bad. I think it helped that it was Anthony watching him rather than anyone else.
Saturday morning Anthony and Daniel went fishing again and this time they caught a serious amount of fish! Yay!! For the first time in a long time we have a good amount of fish in our freezer that Anthony caught:
While the big boys were out fishing, my mom and I took the little boys to a Christmas market in downtown New Smyrna. The weather was gorgeous! We got there right as they were setting up train rides and visits with Santa. James rode the train and as soon as he got off, we got in line to see Santa. We only had to wait for a couple of kids and then it was James' turn. He did great! He wasn't scared at all and when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas he immediately said, "A bike!". Then Santa asked him what else he wanted and he had to think about it for a little bit. He said, "uh...uh...uh...a helmet!!" I got some adorable pictures, but I had to send my phone in to Apple to get serviced and I forgot to get my recent pictures off of it before erasing my data. Bummer! :(
After visiting with Santa we walked around for a little bit more and then rode the train again. He is so serious when he rides it! It has a little steering wheel for each kid and he spends the entire time with a concentrating look on his face, spinning the wheel nonstop. We parked our car next to a park, so as we headed back to the car, James begged to play in the park. I figured he probably needed to go to the bathroom by this time, so I took him to the park bathroom. We walked in and James turned around to walk out and said, "My pee pee all gone" (he says this to us when he is on the toilet and doesn't have to go). I knew he just didn't like the unfamiliar bathroom, so I told him we couldn't play at the park until he at least tried to go potty. He came back and went to the bathroom without any problems. I was so proud of him!
Saturday night we couldn't stomach any more leftovers, so we got takeout from one of our favorite local restaurants. It was so good! It was a little bit spicy and I'm not sure if it affected my breast milk or not, but Rett had the worst nights sleep that night :( I had to go to church early for a meeting and quite a few people in primary couldn't make it last minute so after taking care of everything and teaching lessons on the fly I was bone tired by the time we got home. Once our family left, the stars aligned and all four of us got to take a nap at the same time!! It was the best!! To top it off, Rett slept from 9pm to 5:20am that night. This is the first time he has done that since the other time a few weeks ago, so it was a welcome surprise.
There is definitely so much to be thankful for this year. We have the cutest two little boys who bring us so much joy and everyone is happy and healthy. What more could we ask for?

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