Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mornings with Mommy

Since Rett is a much earlier riser than James (he gets up around 6 or 7am, while James usually sleeps until 9am) every morning I get play and snuggle time with just him and me. He is usually so alert and happy in the morning, cooing, smiling, and making funny faces. I love his facial expressions! I decided to see how well he could sit himself up and see if I could take some pictures. He can do about 2 seconds :)
Then this happens:
 I. love. his. curls. Oh my goodness I hope his hair stays curly. While I was pregnant with him I seriously hoped and prayed that he would have curly hair. I can't wait until it grows in more, hopefully he will have a fluffy head of curls and I can die of cuteness every day.
 He would smile when I put the phone down to try to get him to smile, but as soon as I put the phone back up I would lose it. I can't wait to get a really good picture of him smiling. His entire face transforms and lights up. So precious.
 I love his one eyebrow quizzical look. He is so observant and thoughtful looking!
Man we love this kid so much!!

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Happy said...

I am dying, that baby is too dang cute!!!!